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Backing Out A Commercial Airliner [entries|friends|calendar]

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(From now on) This journal is... [31 Aug 2030|06:24pm]
friends only

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WHO'S READY TO MELT SOME FACES?!!? [03 Aug 2007|08:31pm]
[ mood | i think my face melted ]

In my mission to enrich everyone's lives with really good music, I'm here again to share with you some of the most wholesome tunes that have been rocking my world lately.

First of all, for those of you who weren't already aware, Hanson's new album "The Walk" was released July 24, 2007 in North America. Of course, the Japanese have had it since February 21st... Whatever, Japan. And, to Hanson, I have another message: Nani?!? >:O

Anyway, the album is awesome. Hanson seems to be the only band around who can pick up new music trends and not completely lose their focus. Bands that go the route of SUCKING make me want to saw off my ears, so I'm thankful to Hanson for not being one of those bands, because I like my ears. I've loved them since I was about twelve years old and they've never (really) let me down. (There was that incident with Taylor marrying a fangirl... >_> We let that one slide. Especially now that he has cute babies).

Here's my banter about other things I really like about Hanson's new album, other than it being awesome: BANTERCollapse )

Now, the music:

Hanson : The Walk
download the full album (+bonus tracks): here. (65.2 MB, RAR file, mediafire)
mirror: here (sendspace)

1. Intro (Ngi Ne Themba)
2. Great Divide
3. Been There Before
4. Georgia
5. Watch Over Me
6. Running Man
7. Go
8. Fire On The Mountain
9. One More
10. Blue Sky
11. Tearing It Down
12. Something Going Round
13. Your Illusion
14. The Walk
North America bonus tracks:
15. Got A Hold On Me (Live Acoustic)
16. I've Been Down (Live Acoustic)
17. Something Going Round (Live Acoustic)
Japan bonus tracks:
18. In A Way
19. I Am

Excusing what I said about the Japan release of "The Walk" (see above), I've really been on a Japanese music kick lately. So, I decided you needed some Hyde (lead singer of the band L'Arc~en~Ciel) and, specifically, his album "Roentgen" which I love. Also, you are special for I am giving you both the regular and limited release in one (something lovely for all of you Japanese/English bilinguals out there). ps. Hyde + falsetto = fried gold.

download the whole set: here. (98.6 MB, RAR file, mediafire)
mirror: here (sendspace)

1. Unexpected
2. White Song
3. White Song (English)
4. Evergreen
5. Evergreen (English)
6. Evergreen (English Ensemble)
7. Oasis
8. Oasis (English)
9. A Drop Of Colour
10. Shallow Sleep
11. Shallow Sleep (English)
12. Shallow Sleep (English Ensemble)
13. New Days Dawn
14. Angel's Tale
15. Angel's Tale (English)
16. Angel's Tale (English Ensemble)
17. The Cape of Storms
18. Secret Letters
19. Secret Letters (English)

[ps. If you don't download any of the other ones, get "Shallow Sleep" and "Secret Letters." Also, all of the English Ensembles are really good.]

And since we're on the subject of awesome Japanese music, I have to include some Utada Hikaru:

Utada Hikaru
Final Distance
Distance (M-flo Remix)
Hikari [Kingdom Heart's I Theme]
Hikari (Bilingual Mix)
Simple and Clean [English Kingdom Heart's I Theme]
Simple and Clean (Influence Mix)
Passion During the Battle [Kingdom Heart's II Theme]
Passion After the Battle
Passion (Drive Aura Mix)
Sanctuary [English Kingdom Heart's II Theme]
You Make Me Want to Be A Man (Bloodshy and Avant Mix)
Devil Inside (Scum Frog Vocal Mix)

What the heck, have a Format song too:
The Format - At The Wake

Considering how much money I just saved you in CDs (or iTunes Store, if you go that route), you probably won't mind dedicating a couple years of your life to me as my slave. ... No? Damn, that plan failed.

[Please let me know if you have trouble with any of the links and I will do my best to fix them.]

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LotR/Pocahontas Fanvid, by Jeff [17 May 2007|07:45pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

My brother made this video a while ago. I had been listening to "Colors of the Wind" because Disney animation = ♥ and we started dicussing Gimli and Legolas in terms of Pocahontas. Watch the vid, it's rich with symbolism.

Colors of the Wind

Add to My Profile | More Videos

My brother is a genius.

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Sometimes It's A Sad Song [08 May 2007|12:06pm]
[ mood | sad ]

The other day AOL.com, as a part of its daily highlights, decided to give a list of the 25 saddest songs in the whole world. I hope you're laughing right now like I did when I read the headline. Obviously the songs were all in English, so let's be real here: 25 Saddest Songs in the US and Britain. For real. Also, they were in no way the saddest songs. The only one I remotely agreed with was "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley. The other ones were obviously chosen for one of two reasons: 1) they represented a genre of music other than pop/rock, or 2) they were about the death of a child (& if someone had written about the death of a puppy, that would've been in there). These characteristics alone can't make a song sad. Shouldn't "sadness" also have something to do with the mere construction of the music and lyrics? I beg to offer another list. While it may not be exclusive, it's sure a heck of a lot of sadder (more sad?) than AOL's lame attempt. Plus I offer more music. Lo sabes.

I give you:

The 45 Saddest Songs I OwnCollapse )

All links are yousendit files. This list is intended to be in order from least to most sad (45 being least, 1 being most), but I'm not the sadness expert (well, if you've been reading my LJ lately, you might disagree). Feel free to download any and all of it and decide for yourself.
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I represent the new face of America! The female, black, Jewish, ninja face!! *karate hands* [20 Dec 2005|01:45am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Thanks to lunarennui, the livejournal haiku returns!!

And a triumphant return it is!Collapse )

And on that note, I bid you goodnight! More news to report tomorrow! Stay tuned!


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The Man Strikes Back! [29 Nov 2005|07:32pm]
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For...NO REASON [16 Feb 2005|11:00pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Short Bit on Tonights Lost...Spoilers IncludedCollapse )

And that was our "Lost" fiasco of the night. However, it was on the whole, a very happy and enjoyable episode. It lacked in the Cholie. But Emily said there was just enough. (Which means there wasn't enough). *winks at Emily* There isn't "enough" until Emily says there was "too much." XDD

In my case anyway.

Time to post a random Napoleon Dynamite quiz! La dee doo!

You are Napoleon Dyanamite and a buttload of gangs
are trying to recruit you.

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Nyar-har. Flippin' SWEET!

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Welcome to Breaktown for the first time... [16 Feb 2005|02:20pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

That said, my monologue went really well. Unfortunately Franklin and I bombed our scene. We...uh...you might say, "cut" it...on the spot. So, you know. We'll be getting some notes from Lee on that later. The moral of the story? Don't practice only your monologue when you have a monologue and a scene to do.

In other news, I made a new icon. lainy122 was kind enough to find this comic for me and now I'm taking advantage of it to make myself look cooler. *slips on...a-the shades*

And now onto sports:

I'm savoring this day and I'll tell you why, Joe. -Gabe. (Hey, when you can use the same quote twice in the same...matter of days, it's a keeper.) "Lost" is going to be on tonight. I'm on a count-down schedule, really. How many episodes til the six-week break? Why don't we ask Mr. Owl...

Me: Mr. Owl, how many "Lost"s does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop beginning of the six-week Lost-famine?
Mr. Owl: *takes "Lost" on a lollipop stick* Let's a-find out. A-One. A-two. ...A-tharee. *hands back the shattered remains of "Lost"* A-tharee.

Needless to say, I wept my fair share over a luncheon of roasted owl this afternoon, but I'll be smiling again at 8:00 tonight as I eat up all of the "Lost" I can before the famine sets in. (The Owl might tide me over too).

Now for weather...

No really. It's sunny out. Which is nice, but I forget that it's also freezing until I traipse merrily out into the open air and go into sudden convulsive shock, hitting the sheet of ice which is the air and rebounding back inside the building. Just to let you all know: I'm okay. (Perhaps not physically, but I'm eating chocolate at the moment, so I can't tell).

Thought I might also add that I want a pygmy goat as a pet. And a giant beaver. Because, I mean, come ON. A giant beaver would be so frickin' AWESOME! :D

The Giant BeaverCollapse )

But, don't worry, I'd carry my pygmy goat, Pops, with me on the Moa so he wouldn't get left behind or trampled. The beaver could run alongside. And probably eat my bird. Whose name would be Swifty. The beaver's name would be Taylor Hanson.

...the beavernator!!

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Listens to Pinebark!! [15 Feb 2005|02:09pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Stolen from athousanderrors:

Find Your Tree...Collapse )
Maple Tree (Independence of Mind) -- no ordinary person, full of imagination and originality, shy and reserved, ambitious, proud, self-confident, hungers for new experiences, sometimes nervous, has many complexities, good memory, learns easily, complicated love life, wants to impress.
Read more...Collapse )

o__ô *weirded out*

My new life's motto is: "No."

What's up with a six-week "Lost" break? Didn't we just have a two-week-too-long break? I mean... if they're trying to prove that I'll keep coming back to them after six weeks of abuse, then they're... absolutely right. u_u *rattles the chains which bind her to Lost*

On a lighter note...

Who wants to see Cholie and Claire kiss? *raises hand*

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Good Luck With This... [15 Feb 2005|01:30pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Yesssss....Collapse )

I am the champions, my friend.

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(Hopefully) No Nicolas Were Harmed in the Production of this LJ Entry [14 Feb 2005|10:05pm]
Muahaha. I'm evil, Nicola, I'm sorry. I needed someone to say that, and unfortunately, you're one of the only people who trusts me.

Nicola's ConfessionCollapse )
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GIP [14 Feb 2005|05:12pm]
[ mood | loved ]

This icon is all I need to have a happy Valentine's Day. Aaaaaalllll I neeeed....

Neeeeeverrr booorrrnnnn...



Oh okay, I need you guys too...

This has been the happiest LJ-day ever because all of you people made me smile. Whee!

I don't mean you people...I mean- *is zapped by a taser*

<333 to all of you!

Kid... I think you're gonna turn out HGASH HGHIG HAAAAAAAAAALL RIGHT.
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On a side note... [14 Feb 2005|01:54pm]
[ mood | imaaaginaaation... 8-) ]

Good Valentine's Day Songs:

- "Something Stupid" - Robbie Williams
- "Somewhere Only We Know" - Keane
- "Lost Without Each Other" - Hanson
- "Such Great Heights" - The Postal Service
- "Some Postman" - The Presidents of the United States of America (you know it's all about love)
- "14th Street" - Rufus Wainwright
- "When You Say You Love Me" - Josh Groban
- "Falling At Your Feet" - Darren Hayes
- "Cannonball" - Damien Rice
- "All You Need Is Love" - The Beatles
- "Draw Down the Stars" - Tom McRae
- "Sleep All Day" - Jason Mraz
- "Collide" - Howie Day
- "Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off" - Hawksley Workman
- "Must Be Dreaming" - Frou Frou
- "At Last" - Etta James
- "She Fell Into My Arms" - Ed Harcourt
- "She Will Be Loved" - Maroon 5
- "As Things Collide" - Kara's Flowers (oo, they got on the list twice! *snork* P:)

Heck, even...

- "Song for Natalie Portman" - Isaac Hanson

Bad Valentine's Day Songs:

- "Passage" - Vienna Teng
- "Gerbil" - Stephen Lynch
- "The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas" - They Might Be Giants
- "Chemical Party" - Gavin DeGraw
- "Dirrty (Live)" - Hanson
- "The Boob Fairy" - Deirdre Flint
- "Me and a Gun" - Tori Amos
- "Rock the Casbah" - The Clash
- "Party Up" - Hilary Duff
- "How Soon Is Now" - The Smiths
- Any song by Evanescence
- "Everybody Knows the Claus" - Hanson
- "Sk8er Boi" - Avril Lavigne
- "Half Fling" - Viggo Mortensen

And even...

- "Song for Natalie Portman" - Isaac Hanson

Did I-... say that already...? Anyway. All the stuff you want your kids to know... it's being covered.

*rapidly deletes songs from playlist*

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Uh-oh... I think Ms. Lemons is on crack, right kids? [14 Feb 2005|01:14pm]
[ mood | mm...falafil ]

hp_hardcore presents Hardcore Valentines! Click here to get your own!

AHAHAHA. You're lucky I posted a tame one.

Hm... I like the idea of Harry: The Cold-Blooded Assassin... Who wants to write me a crackfic? I'd do it myself, but, er, the uh...STARS are not in POSITION for this tribute.

Like he said.

The stars.

Can't do it.

Not today.

Edit: Every LJ entry should include at least one quote from these movies: 1) The School of Rock, 2) The Road to El Dorado.

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But I just can't think of something that rhymes with Portman -You try. It's hard. [14 Feb 2005|12:19am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

*does a little dance*

*makes a little love*

*gets down tonight*

It's officially 19 minutes into Valentine's Day. ONLY A FEW MORE HOURS UNTIL I GET A SECRET 5-DOLLAR VALENTINE'S PRESENT. Ilooksogood!

w00tiful just got "Lola" stuck in my head which I won't say is a bad thing. In fact it's a good thing. If only the rest of you KNEW what a good thing it is! IF ONLY! *also has Hanson stuck in her head now*

I want to write a song for Natalie Portman. Then I'll give it to Tim so that when he sees her at Harvard he can sing it to her. It goes... a-something... like-a this:



I know what it's like to be chased by people with cameras!
And I understand what it feels like to be real sad...
But I want to tell you that I love you
Even though it makes you feel bad...!

And I just wrote this song in the wrong key!!-MM."

-by Isaac Hanson (with help from me. Because I transcribed it).

I'd say I've got myself a fairly decent rock song. *sends it away to Tim and, indirectly, to Natalie Portman* Sorry about those pictures, Natalie. Dey were-a... not very, uh, nice.

*<3s everyone*

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Dude, you've got a disease... [13 Feb 2005|12:08am]
[ mood | supa-talky ]

Stolen from lunarennui:

The Best Meme EverCollapse )

Today I bought ice cream and ate it and am now proceding to eat CORN NUTS because Rachel is not here and I have taken down the sign on the back of our door because tonight this is NOT a Corn-Nut-free zone!! WAHOO!

The first thing she'll say tomorrow is, "Why does it smell like Corn Nuts in here, you psycho??"


The day is great.

Also, my Mummy got me the Dom TV Guide, as well as American Cinematographer which has an 11-page article about "Lost," as WELL as last month's Empire because of its article on The Untold Story of The Lord of the Rings! Yay for my Mummy!

Lunch today was a breadtangle of pizza taquitos and waffles. I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up tomorrow with life-threatening obesity.

Grandma sent me a card with 10 bucks in it. The question now stands: how can I spend 10 bucks without wasting it on Starbucks frappucinos and Yunnie bubble tea? THE ANSWER???!!! (More Corn Nuts!)

I watched the ROTK commentary today with my brother (for the second time), and I tell ya... That Bernard Hill is my hero. Two best lines: "Bugger, I left the gas on." and "Denethor's doomed. He's a flaming person with a flaming parachute."

Two best Billy and Dom lines? It's a toughie. But I'll randomly say that the award goes to... Billy: "I love Minas Tirith." and Dom: "You still owe me 50 quid." Good good times. Now in retrospect you may be wondering which of the two is hotter. "Billy," says Sean Astin. But not on the commentary. It was said for my own ears at Town Hall Seattle on Dom's b-day this year. And I mean, the guy's gotta know. He's one of their best mates. Though Dom might disagree with his opinion. Though he can't complain, since Sean sang him Happy Birthday.


Haha, which reminds me that I still haven't told you guys about my meeting with Sean, which is a pity. I took notes, though, so I shant forget what took place.

And since I'm not done with my ROTK commentary award show:

Winning Sir Ian quote from the commentary: "I usually make very good suggestions to people, - and to the world in general..."

Winning Elijah quote: "Trunk- ated!"

Winning Sean P. A. quote: "It's very... pungy."

Winning JRD quote: "...beings that the air is mostly sulfur and very little oxygen..."

Winning Orlando quote: "I'm such a lightweight..."

Second winning Billy quote: "'Member, 'member, 'member, 'member...?"

Second winning Dom quote: "I just want to hold you tight and make you feel all better..."

Winning me quote: "Blast. Where's my great, flaming arm when I need it??"

Woot! I won too! Yay for me! (It's only fair. So many other people won and this is my journal). You can come to the party if you want. Drinks will be provided. Of the nonalcoholic variety. Because you know, once you guys have had a couple of drinks, you're anybody's. And I can't have that.

*does a jig*

Time for me to skidaddle. I have a Corn Nut hangover. Who knows what that means? *looks around the class*

I'm gonna get me some-a that... SEAN ASTIN...!

Edit: Teen Girl Squad!

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[10 Feb 2005|05:46pm]
Which School of Rock Guy will you most likely score with? by kreeptina
Quiz created with MemeGen!

You know it.

Edit: ...Collapse )
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...I'm HUNGRY A-minor G, Oh-oh oh.... [10 Feb 2005|05:03pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Well, this actually didn't happen in the last episode, but I'm cutting it anyway because some people haven't seen the last ep yet:

My mom's and my speculation about Lost: Episode 15Collapse )

To wash my jeans or not to wash my jeans? I'm going to say no to jeans, and I'll tell you why, Joe. -Gabe. Because I think I should be more concerned with how I smell as a person, rather than how my clothes smell. I just need to let the children's laughter... just remind me of how I used to be, you know? That's what I've always thought anyway. So, I'm going to take a shower now.


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[10 Feb 2005|03:12pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

GIP for Nicola!!111 *dance*

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So if you wanna be the teacher's pet... [09 Feb 2005|11:40pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

...baby you just better forget it.



Watched School of Rock with tommy_gnosis (i.e., Emily for those who aren't "familiar"). It was totally killerpositions.... I have to say, too: Now that I've seen the movie five majillion times... I really do think that Billy (i.e. "Fancy-pants" for those who aren't "familiar"), is now, just about, my most favorite character ever. Best part? --->

Dewey: What's somethin' that REALLY makes you mad??

Billy: You.

Dewey: Now, we're off the subject of me...

Billy: You're tacky and I hate you.

Dewey: *points* You see me after class.

Aaaaaaaand, Emily and I now know all the kids names. We're a little if-y on Michelle's counterpart, though. Any guesses? "Elenny"? "Alenny"? It's a conundrum. Oh yeah, and Leonard... Good kid. The cutest sad face I've ever seen. And, on drums? Spazzie McGee... XO

We're not goofing off. We're creating musical fusion.


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