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Backing Out A Commercial Airliner

Put Your Freakin' Heads Down!

16 October 1985
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Now it comes to it.

You should know that my name is Shaina, I'm no longer in college, and this is my livejournal. A few sidenotes: I usually try to use grammar correctly here and, although I'm terrible at spelling, I'm learning more every day and I hope that you will see my improvements as you continue to read. I've been your typical fangirl since junior high, and throughout my life I've been shamelessly involved in numerous fandoms. I won't name names here, as I'm sure you'll come to know them all as you scroll to the following contents of this page. My favorite things in the world are music, movies, friends, and traveling (most especially to the ocean). My plan is to live somewhere where I can smell salt water all the time (and/or Wyoming; you can see my dilemma), but that's a different story for another time. Something random you might want to know about me is that I don't read. I really don't. If you ever catch me with my nose in the middle of a book, I owe you a million dollars because it just never happens. On the other hand, I'd like to think that this hasn't had a huge effect on my ability to write. I love to write. Most of my writing goes here, in my livejournal, but some will now and again trickle out as a fanfiction, or a story, or a song. I don't play music (aside from some very unpracticed piano), I simply write songs. I have hundreds. Lyrics on notebook paper. I also have hundreds of posters and nick-nacks and garbage which I intentionally scatter around every room I occupy. I'm evidently addicted to floods of color and organized clutter. I stress organized because my need for system and order in my life is utterly dire. If I don't know where something is, I could kill a man. I'm also a nefarious cynic and a staunch realist. I delight in blatant sarcasm and the mockery of diverse life situations. Though most of what you'll find here is fangirlish squees and the latest post-college drama. But there's just an idea of what's going on behind the curtain anyway, in case you ever caught yourself wondering what I'm really all about. Which you probably won't because I'll be too busy distracting you with pretty pictures of anyone I'm currently in love with and trying (successfully?) to make you laugh. Welcome to my livejournal, new best friend. Now go look at all the pretty things posted below:

Monaboyd is Love.

w00tiful's George Harrison/Lizz Love Banner:

Elizison is not likely at all love

My piece of immodesty (thanks again to w00tiful):

Tri-ness (ellen_drell) is duplicated, posterized love

This is officially my favorite part of my userinfo (by w00tiful and her geniuzz):

Trizz (ellen_drell+w00tiful) iz lovizzle... zz

The Song of the Day: Jónsi - Go do

The Character of the Day: Heero Yuy

The Quote of the Day: Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils ... - Louis Hector Berlioz

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