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...I'm HUNGRY A-minor G, Oh-oh oh....

Well, this actually didn't happen in the last episode, but I'm cutting it anyway because some people haven't seen the last ep yet:

Took place last Friday...

Mom: Did you hear one of the main characters on LOST is doing to killed off in the show?
Mom: It was on the news

Me:: O__O WAIT. WHAT. OMG. NO. So *that's* what that body bag was in the preview
Me:: if it's Claire... I'll be really t.o.ed

Mom: I hope it's Shannon
Mom: She's a waste to everyone (except she knows French)

Me:: yeah, that's the thing. And now she's got Sayid hitting on her
Me:: I dunno if she'll go
Me:: my fingers are crossed for Jack
Me:: actually, no... we were speculating about Mr. Korea. Simply because there's all of this tension between Mrs. Korea and Michael, as though they're going to get together... And also, he's not really that important
Me:: (Mr. Korea meaning Jin... and Mrs. Korea meaning Sun)
Me:: (I never remember their names)

Mom: Does Sawyer remind you of Viggo Mortensen, I was just noticing similarities today

Me:: yeah. So does this TA in my Drama class
Me:: haha
Me:: I like Sawyer
Me:: here's a list of people I don't think they'll kill:
Me:: Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Charlie, Claire, Michael, Sun, Sayid, Boone, Shannon, Locke, Walt, Hurley
Me:: wouldn't it be cheap if it were Vincent?

Mom: Yes, dad thinks it could be Michael.......I could see it being Shannon, "Ethan", the Black Lady, maybe Boone

Me:: I think it won't be Shannon or Boone, because they just had this really historic episode, or whatever. And especially not Shannon, because she just "died" a few weeks ago
Me:: I could see Ethan or Rose
Me:: not Michael, because he and Walt just started making ammends
Me:: I vote for Jin
Me:: or Vincent

Mom: Yeah, maybe Jin. He hasn't been too involved in many story lines

Me:: and his wife is untrue to him and she's like... obligated to love him, almost. And there's too much flirting between her and Michael. And she and Walt already hit it off.
Me:: I think it's Jin
Me:: He has "kill me first" written all over him

Mom: I VOTE FOR JIN - let's see if we're right (muahaha - evil laughter)

Me:: lol
Me:: let's make political campaign T-shirts


Me:: ahahaha

...Now is it just me, or did the "Lost" writers read my mind yet again? As I was watching ep. 15 yesterday, I was almost POSITIVE Jin was gonna get it. I mean, they were focusing on his character for the first time in ... MONTHS... he was being REALLY mysterious... And then he went out with Charlie and got nailed with that whatever-it-was in the chest!! I was like, "They wouldn't just kill him like that, would they?" And, though that would have been slightly comical, (as well as sad), it didn't happen! But the "Lost" people KNEW!!! They KNEW I wanted Jin to die!! THEY ARE SO CREEPY.

To wash my jeans or not to wash my jeans? I'm going to say no to jeans, and I'll tell you why, Joe. -Gabe. Because I think I should be more concerned with how I smell as a person, rather than how my clothes smell. I just need to let the children's laughter... just remind me of how I used to be, you know? That's what I've always thought anyway. So, I'm going to take a shower now.

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